9 Strategies a Buyer Can Use to Get Their Offer Accepted in a Seller’s Market

Offer Accepted

It’s a brutal market for the average home buyer right now. But, if you are ready to take some risks and be persistent, you can get that offer accepted.

  1. Know the market trend between the list and sale price
  2. Put in an escalation clause up to your highest offer
  3. Put at least 5% down as a deposit
  4. Offer a non-refundable deposit to the seller
  5. Write the seller a brief and personalized “Love Letter”
  6. Waive the home inspection if you are financially able to
  7. Can’t do #6? Agree to not rescind or renegotiate for repairs costs under a set amount
  8. Cover some or all of the difference between the appraised value and the sale price
  9. Be flexible with the closing date and offer to rent back to the seller if needed

Contact us to discuss which of these options would work best for you and we can hand you the keys to your new home in just a few short months.

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